Monday, 24 February 2020

The Cardy Show- Leaders do not get beat by Zamboni Drivers.

The podcast returns:

I'm sorry I had to talk about this. I discuss who is to blame for the Toronto Maple Leafs losing to the legendary David Ayers last night on Hockey Night In Canada. Congrats David! I also discuss the XFL. What I like and maybe what they should do to garner success in year two. I also discuss Reese "Tugger" McGuire and where he should start the year. Plus some other Blue Jays news. I also talk about the Super Bowl and Larry Walker. Have a listen!

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Friday, 10 January 2020

Sometimes you have to put things in perspective

This is and was supposed to be a Podcast.

Maybe it still will be? Who knows?

I think it is time we all sit down and have a chat.

First things first:

If you a First Responder out there who has to go out everyday and be a life saver I want to thank you for what you do. You people do not get paid enough.

My heart breaks for Australia. If you can donate do it. If you are not in a position to donate right now please tell people who are. It's bad.

This whole Larry Walker in the Hall of Fame thing...

I love Larry Walker. In my mind he is a Hall of Famer. In your mind he is a Hall of Famer. I pose this question to you all out of respect. I know your intentions are very well and good. So.

If Larry Walker does not get elected for this upcoming class will this ruin/change or alter his life?

The answer is no. I'm sure if you ask Larry he would be gracious in whatever happens. There are people out there that are acting like this is life and death. If Larry doesn't get in then they won't go to Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. They may boycott it all together.

It's madness.

I'm here to tell you it will all be okay. Whether he gets in or not it will be okay. Life will go on. Baseball still starts at the end of March.

Spekaing of that.

I learned that Buck Martinez and Pat Tabler will be back for Sportsnet this year. I'm excited.

Apparently many of you aren't. To that I say you don't know how good you have it. The American teams have some good Broadcasters but many are not where they should be.

Buck and Pat aren't perfect. They never have claimed to be. They are two former baseball players who form a broadcast team. They work very hard in what they do. Broadcasting is not easy. So cut them some slack and just enjoy the game.

Honestly. Find a hobby. Stop crying about Rogers.

It's about perspective. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

MLB Free Agency- A history for Toronto Blue Jays Fans.

I don't hate Twitter...

I'm not a big fan of the people who use it.

Is it because they are to optimistic? Maybe.

A lot of Toronto Blue Jay fans on Twitter want this organization to sign players in free agency. Particularly starting pitchers. Especially now since they have money to spend in theory.

Historically speaking. This organization since Rogers has taken over has not signed a #1 starting pitcher in free agency . The only guy that has come close is A.J. Burnett. They brought back J.A. Happ but he wasn't a top 3 pitcher at the time.

The prior Ownership group signed 3 top pitchers in ten years.

1- Jack Morris in 1991

2- Dave Stewart in 1992

3- Roger Clemens in 1996.

With the position players the club has made out better:

1-Paul Molitor

2- Frank Catalanatto

3- Dave Winfield

4- Russell "Clarkson" Martin

5- Jose Canseco (Stop it!)

You have to also remember. There have been a ton of reclamation projects. Jose Bautista only hit 16 jacks as a career high before he came over from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Devon White was a cast away by the California Angels before Pat Gillick acquired him. Josh Donaldson had the potential to be great before he came over to the Blue Jays. That's where he became an MVP. Edwin Encarnacion was released by the Jays before he became the monster that he is.

That's baseball folks. That's a terrible Canadian Dollar. These players get paid in American funds. It's hard.

Yes you have to throw more dough around to get people here. This team wins with good smart trades. Is Ross Atkins the guy to pull those off?  Not sure yet. I am sure Rogers along with Jays fans will make that verdict sooner then later.

So relax folks. Stop having expactations. Let thins thing play out.

As Joe Siddall says " Enjoy the offseason"


I'll show you a work in progress!

I have heard that the Toronto Maple Leafs are a "Work in progress" twice in the past few weeks. That statement came from General Manager Kyle Dubas after he terminated Mike Babcock as the Head Coach.

Most recently Sheldon Keefe his replacement echoed those same sentiments after last nights bed shitting performance against the Philadelphia Flyers.

So tell me something.

This team after signing Marner to a long term deal was supposed to be a Stanley Cup contender. This was the year. You now have turfed Babcock. Rightfully so because apparently his ideology as a coach is outdated and unacceptable.

Now this team under Sheldon Keefe is 4-2. That Colorado game could have went either way. As could of the back end of the home and home against Buffalo. Regardless they are still 4-2.

Last night really concerns me. Statements have been coming out that the team is putting in a better effort under Keefe. What your analytical numbers may not tell you is that there seems to be an issue of character among players in that dressing room.  How is this team still a work in progress?

You have had 2 piss poor performances in a matter of days, where this team has quit and hung their goalie out to dry.

There is a lot of hockey to play. This team still needs a back up goaltender. What happens if Freddie Andersen runs out of gas or gets injured? What do your CORSI or whatever the analytics, are say the Leafs should do on your laptop? MacBook? I-PAD? Google?

How do your analytics solve their character issues? Or the fact that the Kyle Dubas has maxed out the salary cap?

Before you people on Twitter say I am not a fan and I just want to be right about Dubas. Hold your horses and zip up your pie holes.

Half of you weren't even thought of during the 1993 playoffs against Wayne Gretzky and the Los Angeles Kings. That series hurt. Or the 1994 Western Conference Finals against Kirk McLean and the Vancouver Canucks.

Some of you may remember losing to the Carolina Hurricanes during the Eastern Conference Finals. That one hurt too.

So before you say I am not a fan because I think Mark Hunter would have done a better job. I want this team to win as badly as you do. There should not be "Work in progress" chatter in 2019 when the rebuild started 4 years ago.

Here's to hoping some good hockey starts tonight.

Go Leafs


Monday, 2 December 2019

This weird feeling of content.....

What I am reading:

The leader without a title by Robin Sharma:

A book about stepping up your game. At work. In life. In your relationships. Without a title. Without the ... stuff that comes with it. I'm really enjoying the book. I read 10 pages everyday. I don't have the attention span to do more.

What I am watching:

To be honest not much. I don't have a ton of time for television.I'm digging Magnum P.I., the new one. I like it because they made the program their own. Higgins as a woman? It's worked out. She is a total babe by the way.  Rick and T.C. doing their thing. Katsumoto is the star of that show. 

What I am listening to:

Crime In Sports- Two comedians talking about athletes committing crimes. It's similar to Something to Wrestle. Check that out.

Hebsy on Sports- Hebsy and Toronto Mike talk sports twice a week. They do a great job.

Don Cherry's Grapevine- It's old school hockey stories... I dig.

Things that surprise me:

The NFL season. It's been interesting. The Bills and the Steelers have been a good surprise. I'd be shocked if John Elway isn't fired next year. 

How rough watching Wrestling has been. I think the fans and social media have also ruined it for me.

The NHL coaching drama that has recently come out. It's been insane.

Things I look forward to besides the obvious:

Checking out the Skydome Hotel

Seeing people I never get the chance to see or I haven;t made time for to see.


WrestleMania season...maybe?

More Podcasts.- December is my favourite month for those.

My wife gave me this cool bracelet. It's awesome. I seem to not look for the perfect days. I accept and enjoy those perfect moments. Those are the ones I never forget. I look forward to more perfect moments.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sports Radio in London Ontario.

I've had my opinions on this topic for while. Unless you are logged into a computer or have unlimited data on your cell phone plan, major sports coverage in the London area doesn't meet the hardcore sports fans standard.

I'll cite a few examples:

1290 CJBK in London has Toronto Maple Leafs coverage. You cannot hear the game clearly 20 minutes away on the outskirts of St.Thomas in your car.

None of the London stations have Toronto Raptors coverage. They are the NBA Champions.

The Detroit coverage is hit and miss as well. We are in the dead centre of Toronto and Detroit.

We lose the FAN 590 signal in Woodstock. I have no clue how far TSN 1050 goes. I know Hamilton has TSN 1150 so I imagine their signals do not go far.

AM 980 here in London has the rights for the London Knights OHL club. The only time I hear about local sports is between  1 pm and 3 pm and during the intermissions of Knights games. When do you hear about them if you listen to AM 980?

On the television side:

CTV London only shows certain sports highlights and the good folks at Rogers TV they do their best but they don't always have the money to cover everything they want to do.

Something has to change. So I have a few suggestions.Some maybe out there and some may be logical.

Rogers and Bell both have Radio stations here in London. Bell has a station called Funny 1410. They run syndicated comedy shows. Bell could rename it TSN 1410 to cover South Western Ontario sports. Why not? Hamilton has TSN 1150. They have a CFL team and an OHL team plus McMaster Sports.

London has the Knights. The Majors of the InterCounty League. The Lightning of the National Basketball League . Soccer is huge in London. Plus the Western Mustangs.

You sprinkle in some Toronto Sports and the regular syndicated stuff you get on TSN 1050 in Toronto and you should be able to have a full functioning sports station.

The signal would have to strengthen for sure.

TSN has stations in three Ontario markets. So why wouldn't Rogers get in on an untapped sports radio market in London?

Rogers could air 590 programs here. There could be a local morning show and maybe a local afternoon show? The rest you could fill in with Toronto programming. You can work with other stations to air  the local sports if you want to air the major stuff here.

The two news stations in town can continue to air news and some local sports. A lot of people have to remember it's not just London that benefits.

It's the surrounding area.

Maybe the College station or CBC Radio can jump in on this?


Maybe I can do something?

Yeah.. Me. Let me continue to work on that idea. Until then...

Friday, 22 November 2019

The Cardy Show: 11-22-19

Today I had the opportunity to drop some #AudioGold with Milon Talsania. Milon of course from FastTime Watch and Jewelry Repair.

Milon and I discussed at length:

- Mike Babcock getting fired

- What will happen if the Toronto Maple Leafs don't make the playoffs?

- What's going on with the Toronto Blue Jays?

- Is it really that bad in Major League Baseball?

- Has Wrestling passed us by?

Visit for more on what Milon and his team are up to.

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