Monday, 30 September 2019

Thought's on the Sportsnet Radio Shuffle.

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I'm not a Media Critic. To be fully honest with all of you I don't give a fuck who does what. Sportsnet Radio along with their Program Director Dave Cadeau shuffled their programming up again. We have people on Social Media acting as experts. It's honestly grinding my gears.

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The biggest change for Sportsnet was obviously Bob McCown leaving Prime Time Sports. McCown was the legend who anchored that program for better parts of 31 years. A lot of people say McCown was asked to leave with a payout due to the hockey deal. Read my previous entry below about the Rogers NHL deal.

More people left Sportsnet on both sides. Radio and T.V.. You all know the names and if you don't all the "experts" like Toronto Sports Media or Howard Berger have you covered,

Where am I going with this?

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I seem indifferent I know. You need to have stability in your programming. It cannot be a cluster fuck. You can't have yearly shuffling of every day part people get annoyed. This is why TSN 1050 is on the upswing. You know 99% of the time who will be on when you turn your dial to 1050. Despite what Mike Richards will tell you! They have consistency. The same guys have been in the same time slots for the past year and change.

Sportsnet put Scott MacArthur , Ashley Docking and Mike Zigomanis in the Morning spot. I think they got it right. Despite what people think of Scotty Mac, he is a hell of a broadcaster and he will bring the best out of everyone. Including Ashley Docking. Who not a lot of people enjoy. Myself included.

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There was some comments that were made by a Pod caster this past week about Scotty Mac. He was compared to Brian Hayes of Over Drive and the host of the program went balistic saying he isn't even close. I think that is ridiculous. I think that Podcast host is trying to lobby for a job at TSN with his former partner and that is why he is acting like that. Just saying.

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I think there will be some changes in the Blue Jays booth. I think we will know October 1st.

Here is a guess:

TV: Ben Wagner, Dan Shulman (Select games), Buck Martinez, Joe Siddall. I think Buck and Joe will split the games.

Radio: Mike Wilner, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler , Ben Wagner (When Shulman is on T.V.).

Blue Jays Central: Jamie Campbell/Chris Leroux/Kevin Barker

I have a feeling Vancouver Canadians voice Rob Fai may be in play somewhere as well.

Enjoy your Monday!

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