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Which London Rock Station Do You Listen To?

Truth be told I have been a die hard FM 96 listener here in London. I moved to the area in 1998 when I was a giant 12 year old. I got hooked. The announcers were awesome and engaging and the music was damn good.

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You had a Morning Show of Pete Newman and Jeff McArthur. Evening announcers like Paul Damon and Big Daddy Brad Gibb. Remember Sunday night's at the Ceeps? With D.J. Big Daddy? Great listening.

The Morning Program switched hands a few times. In August of 2004 the Morning Show got a new team. Tucker and Taz took over the FM96 Morning Show. I and a lot of the FM96 viewership were hooked. They were entertaining and they were knowledgeable and fun to listen to.

Tucker left around 2013 for Virgin in London and then to the "Big Smoke". Taz then took over the show and eventually brought in evening host Jim Kelly to join him. It was rechristened The Taz Show with Jim Kelly and Kelly Maher.

Kelly left and another lady named Sherrie Raines came in. She left. Now it's Taz and Jim with Devon Peacock from 980 CFPL. Pretty solid still but I think Corus is running a tight budget and I don't think these guys can do all they want to do because of that.Those guys more often then not are working 6 days a week at on location events and advertisements. I do admire them but yet 6 days a week is a lot to asl.

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Taz and Jim (Image Credit: FM96.COM)

The mid day show recently belonged to former Program Director Mark Cameron. It was then taken over by Meredith Geddes. Meredith started her FM96 tenure voicing her day part over from Vancouver. She was also doing a few other Stations as well. Meredith most recently moved to Toronto to continue her work on FM96 and 102.1 The Edge.

Andrea Dunn has been on the Afternoon Drive for the past year and change. Maybe more? She took that back over from Sarah Burke who now works for Sirius in Toronto. Burke appeared a few years ago on The Cardy Show. She was a solid guest. Dunner had the show before Burke did. I have all the respect in the world for Dunner. She's outgoing and energetic and she is a solid ambassador of FM96.

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Andrea Dunn (Image credit: FM96.COM)

The evenings at FM 96 were my favourite time to listen. Many of those mentioned names had the 7-11 pm spot. Currently it also voiced over by fearless Fred from Toronto. I think he is on Q107? Who knows. I'm not a fan of the guy. He's really weird and says really pointless stuff

So Taz and his colleagues have had over 15 years as the top Rock Radio Station here in the London area. I don't have numbers to back up my next statement. However....

Classic Rock 98.1 is on the upswing in the London area.

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Classic Rock Mornings with Blair and RV.  These guys are innovative. They are funny. They are knowledgeable. The music has been awesome. Maybe it's because I am getting old but I hardly turn the dial now from 98.1. I love Classic Rock! Doesn't matter the day part. All of the announcers are pretty solid. These guys seem to be working 6 days a week as well.

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Blair and RV (Image credit:

Kate Wright handles the mid days and she is very knowledgeable and the Classic Rock free rides are awesome. The station used to be knows as Free FM. It is still a Blackburn Media property.

The drive show is handled by Robin Harper. Robin moved here from Ottawa to take the program over from Ryan Valdron (RV) who as mentioned does the Morning Program.  I enjoy Robin's work. I'm legit jealous because I would have taken that job probably for less pay lol.

Their  Evening Show is with Dan Wylie. I think he's alright. Better then a voice over guy from Toronto!

RV has his Classic Rock top 20. Where he does deep dives weekly. A lot like how Alan Cross does his History of New Music. It's very cool and I hope you take the time to check it out.

So in summary. I still enjoy FM 96. It's really awesome to know that there is a kick ass alternative available if I don't enjoy the new Music that the station provides.

Where do you all sit? What do you think of each Station's format?

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