Thursday, 31 October 2019

The person to blame for the Toronto Maple Leafs troubles.

Okay people.

Let's play a game.

Everyone is pressing the panic button in Toronto Maple Leaf land. They want to know who to blame. Some people think it's Mike Babcock. A few people think the blame should fall on Kyle Dubas the General Manager.

However one name I have not heard. A man who will bare no brunt of the fallout if the Maple Leafs open their proverbial cheeks and shit the bed.

Who you ask?

Gary Bettman? No.

Bill Daly? WTF? No!

Hmmm. Harold Ballard? Gord Stellick? Good guess but no.

Brendan Shanahan!

Yes! #14. The President of the Hockey Club. Hockey Hall of Famer.

This team has had his fingerprints all over it.

He gave Mike Babcock an 8 year contract. ... 8 Years.....

There are certain coaches in sports that have had long tenures. I have never heard of a coach initially getting a long term deal to start with a new club. Despite previous results with their other club.

As of May 2020 it will be year 5. If Babcock is fired before that date the Leafs will owe him 24 million plus the salary before that date. Sheldon Keefe will take over eventually sure. Yes I know money isn't an object to MLSE but still it's $24 plus million dollars!

There was also the handling of the General Manager situation.

Shanny initially brought in Lou Lamoriello to be the G.M. of the club. He brought in close friend Mark Hunter to assist from the London Knight's. Shanahan's former OHL club.

Then he brought in Kyle Dubas from the Sault Ste.Marie Grey Hounds. Dubas like Hunter was highly regarded in the Juniour Hockey community.

Correction as per James Willemse: Dubas was brought in 1st. The Hunter. Hunter and Dubas filled the role of Interim General Manager until Lou Lamoriello was brought in! 

Fast forward a few years later. Lamoriello contract was up and he did not stay on as an advisor. He went to the New York Islanders.

So it came down to Dubas and Hunter for the General Manager position of the hottest NHL Club.

Shanahan went with Dubas and he let Hunter go back to London. He didn't offer Hunter a V.P. position. Maybe he did? Regardless Dubas got the keys tot he prize of MLSE at the age of 32.Huge mistake in my opinion. Look how benefical Ben Cherington has been for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dubas and team have retained Matthews,Marner and Nylander. They have brought in John Tavares, Acquired Jake Muzzin, Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci. Hell, he even brought in Jason Spezza.

The team is a thread below the salary cap. They have no good backup goal tending options. Especially if Fredrick Andersen get's burnt out or hurt. The defence is still piss poor. There is a lack of size and toughness.

We still have a ton of hockey to play in 2019/2020. I truly believe the Leafs will be fine. If not the likely scenario will be Babcock getting fired 1st. If Keefe fizzles out then it's Dubas. Maybe Shanahan will step down. Who knows..

However he has to bare some of this. It's part of the "Shana-Plan" after all.

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

The Idea of Another NHL Team in Southern Ontario....

I was thinking about this on the way to work today. ...

What the hell happened to the idea of having a second Toronto/Toronto Area team in the National Hockey League?

The reason I'm wondering is because I listened to a Podcast courtesy of The Scott Radley Show on  AM900 CMHL in Hamilton.

Long story short. Radley was interviewing a City Councillor from Hamilton. They were discussing building a 10,000 seat complex in the Lime Ridge Mall.

My second entry on the Blog was about David Shoalts' Hockey Fight in Canada. He was also a guest on Radley's program to talk about his book and the Sportsnet talent shuffle.

We will circle back to that book and the NHL Rights contract with Rogers.

Back to the new Arena at Lime Ridge Mall.

After many attempts in the Hamilton area to gain an NHL Franchise, building a 10,000 seat facility tells me that the City is throwing in the white flag when it comes to ever bringing an expansion or a relocation NHL Franchise to the Steel City. The City went from having an AHL team that supported the Montreal Canadians then they became an OHL City.

Now granted " The Knights Model" As I like to call it could work. You could have sold out games like clock work. You could also produce NHL players and have an amazing environment. If you own the team you could make a ton of cash.The concerts and events there would be awesome.

The City of Hamilton has had a few attempts in getting an NHL team.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

In 1980 Mayor Jack McDonald tried to lure the Colorado Rockies to the City. You know them as the current day New Jersey Devils.

They then tried to get in on the early 90's expansion. The one where the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Ottawa Senators joined the league.

Then Jim Balsillie the former King of BlackBerry got involved. He tried to bring the Pittsburgh Penguins to Hamilton. The NHL wanted him to keep the team in Pittsburgh so he moved on.

Then he tried to buy the Nashville Predators. The owner backed out and sold it to a group of people who would keep the team in Nashville.

There is more.

He tried to buy the Arizona/Phoenix Coyotes after the Owner declared Bankruptcy. That didn't go through either.

Balsillie had enough.He felt the NHL and the Owners and Uncle Gary the Hall of Famer were slighting him and Canada.

After rumblings of relocating the Atlanta Thrashers to Hamilton there was a rumour that someone would buy the Buffalo Sabres and bring them to Hamilton.

That was it for Hamilton.

There was a proposal in 2011 to build a 19,500 seat arena in Markham. Another one near Downsview before that. None of that came to fruition obviously.

So a couple things to think about here. The two new expansion teams were awarded to Las Vegas and Seattle. Not Quebec or anywhere else in Canada.

I am not sure who the fuck Nate Silver is. He said there were several markets in Canada that could hold two teams.


With all seven NHL teams playing sub par, television ratings are down. As per the previous mentioned book by David Shoalts, Rogers is currently losing money on their rights deal. Hence all of the talent movement.

It makes me wonder if we have just raised our hands and thrown in the white towel collectively when it comes to a second team in the Southern Ontario area. I know the Maple Leafs and the Sabres to an extent have veto power.

So the idea of most working people going to an NHL game in Toronto is slim to none.


Could you put a team in Kitchener/Waterloo? What about Woodstock? Would London put their big City pants on and bid for an NHL Team?

Time will tell. Maybe if the league get's  a new Commissioner.

Until then. Don't give up on another NHL team yet Southern Ontario.


Annoyed Maple Leaf Fans.

Sunday, 27 October 2019

UAW Strike,World Series, Raptors,Maple Leafs,Blue Jays

Do yourself a favour right now. If you are an immature child like me you need to listen to Crime In Sports. It's a podcasts that hilariously takes deep dives in crimes that athletes have committed.

Now onto some serious matters:

UAW Strike ends:

If you have followed me on Twitter over the past 5 weeks you know that I have been an unruly asshole to the United Auto Workers Union. They have now ratified their agreement and they will take their entitled attitudes back to work. These people think they are important to society. Like they are Doctor's or a First Responder.

A lot of people want to know why I was so angry and pissed off about their strike with General Motors.

These guys prior to when they stepped on the picket line were making an average of $29.00 US an hour. To my understanding that included profit sharing and benefits.

The people that supplied the plants and transported their product don't get the same respect. They aren't unionized. They aren't making those wages. These people need their wages to support their families and get food on the table and get the roof over their heads.

For some reason a lot of people didn't know this was coming. As I said on Twitter General Motors and their Union deserve each other.

The UAW shut down or impacted the following due to this strike:

Ryder Logistics in Novi Michigan

Nexteer Automotive in Saginaw Michigan

Presstran Industries in St.Thomas Ontario

Formet Industries in St.Thomas Ontario

Bend All Automotive near Guelph Ontario

Linimar in Guelph

G.M. Oshawa Ontario

G.M. St.Catherine's Ontario

G.M. Mexico Truck

And so much more!

You don't hear Honda or Toyota workers crying about hard times. UAW and GM fucked a lot of people this time. It's a shame humans can't learn from their mistakes of 11 years ago. See recession of 2008!

World Series:

Jeff Luhnow is also a piece of shit. I'm glad Brandon what's his nuts got fired. However if you are the Astros you need to admit you fucked up! What is so hard about that?

I hope the Nats win so Davey Martinez can flip off those people who wanted him fired earlier this year.


Game 1 and 2 are out of the way. Congrats to the Champs! They will still make the playoffs. You can be 20 games under in the East and make the playoffs. 44-38 I predict for the Dino's. Siakim is the man. Every Raptors game that Sportsnet has should be on the main network because:


Maple Leafs:

Everyone relax they are fine!

Blue Jays:

Nikki Huffman left the team to hang out with Marcus Stroman and his "Squad" Good for her.

Marcus needs to stop Tweeting and actually do something of value on the mound. He is so 2015! Just saying!

Thursday, 24 October 2019

Dale Hunter- Hall of Famer? Why not?

This is a long shot, pie in the sky article.

In my grossly uneducated opinion, Dale Hunter not being in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is becoming a big issue, almost a bigger then the time they didn't have Pat Burns in.

Between the boards and behind the bench Hunter has been exceptional. As a player he played over twenty NHL seasons and had over 1000 points. Many playoff seasons as well.

If you look on and you look up Hunter's statistics you would see a stat called Adjusted Point Shares. I have no idea what that is or what that measures.


The names in that chart: Ron Ellis, George Armstrong, Ulf Dhalen,Murray Craven.

Pretty solid group to be in....

I have a question for all of you Pucks out there.

How does Eric Lindros who had 865 NHL points get into Hall but Hunter is left out?

How does that work?

Are you projecting if Lindros was healthy he would have had more points?

What needs to happen to get Dale in as a player?

Maybe we need to look at his body of work as a Head Coach and an Owner.

Dale and his brother Mark took over the London Knight's in 2000. For those of you who aren't in the area or who didn't know where London was located, the organization was in dire shape. It was worse then an expansion team. The arena was a shit hole with leaks and backups on the southbound part of Wellington Road past the 401. That's the honest truth.

Dale and Mark worked with Comcast and Ellis Don to move into the John Labatt Centre. Went from a few thousand seat arena to a 9000 seat facility for hockey. There is not a bad seat in that building.

After that happened people came out and the Hunter brother's came rich. The organization vaulted to the top of the CHL. 2005 they won the Memorial Cup.

As per The Hockey News:

The #1 Major Juniour Hockey that has produced the most NHL Players in the post lockout area (2005-2006) Is the London Knights.

Why do we think that was?

The arena is a fantastic atmosphere. Packed house The organization the Hunter Brothers built was also solid.

Dale left for a bit to get the Washington Capitals into the playoffs.

He came back and the Knights earned another Memorial Cup in 2015.

Dale has 777 wins and counting at the moment in 18/19 seasons. The comparable coach is Brian Kilrea. Kilrea over 40 seasons wound up with 2000 plus wins as a coach. If Hunter keeps going he will either match or beat that mark.

Hunter is also a builder with his brother Mark as I stated above. How does the Hall induction committee miss this?

Does Hunter care? Does he want the attention? 

Time will tell. Until he address it to me it is still the biggest issue come induction time for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Problems in the WWE.

Look I don't want to be that guy that goes to WWE events to chant AEW! It's getting close though. There have been issues with WWE programming for a long time now. Talent not being used. Talent being over looked. Story lines that start and end randomly. Superstars that look like they just don't want to be there. However, they are getting paid very well and money talks.

I get paid in my real people job to problem solve. I find solutions to problems to keep things going. So let's take a crack at solving some WWE issues. Instead of just bitching about them.

First  we need to look at what is on the line for Vince McMahon and team. Monday Night RAW is on NBC Universal and as it stands it is currently the B Show. SmackDown is currently on Friday Night's on Fox. There is a boat load of money on the line for the WWE. I imagine there are ratings minimums that need to be met.

1- Spread out the larger Superstars:

Why do Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman all need to be on the same show? I know Vince believes larger athletes equal bigger ratings but God Damn Pal! That is not always the case. I'd let Strowman talk more. Heyman is great but if he is running RAW should he be on SmackDown? Roman needs a promo coach and after that he should be able to do unscripted promo's. You need to let these guys show who they are. That's what connected fans and talent in the  "Attitude Era" People could relate to Steve Austin. People thought The Rock was cool. The bikers loved the Undertaker because they were relate-able.

You can't relate to a machine and that is what Brock is. Unless you are under 12, I respect the hell out of Roman Reigns but I can't relate to him. There needs to be a  PG Roman Reigns for it to work on FOX. Unless you are 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds how do you relate to a guy like Strowman? Unless you change his gimmick. A beer drinking country boy who likes to fight? Seems generic but  it's relate-able.

2- Put the " Lesser Talent" in PPV Main Events.

Crown Jewel will be the 1st time the WWE Championship will Main Event a Pay Per View. Why is that? Well Brock Lesnar will defend it against Cain Velazquez. Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan are a lot smaller then those two talents.

If you were smart you would have at least alternated Main Events since all Pay Per Views are dual branded. I know the Women have closed the show off many times as well and I am down with that. However the lesser male talents who aren't making 7 figures should have their chance as well. Guys like Cesaro,Nakamura,Styles,Owens should be in the Main Event's. That is how you connect them with your audience so you don't be so reliant on your larger talent.

3- Cut the creative down

Apparently there are way too many cooks in the kitchen. Vince,Bruce,Heyman,Hayes,Hunter all of those guys should be on the creative side of things.Everyone else needs to get lost and take a hike. Honestly!

4- 2 Person Commentary

3 person commentary in any sport is a cluster fuck. No bones about it. Especially in Sports Entertainment. If you want Dio Maddon on RAW let him go. Let him work by himself with Vic Joseph.

5- Make it Sports Entertainment again!

Professional Wrestling is Sports Entertainment. It is a physical soap opera. It's not about Wins and Losses it is about great story lines. Telling a story through your talent on the microphone and in the ring. Unfortunately it is not a sport where you can track wins and losses as much as AEW wants to do that. The WWE needs to let their talent entertain. 

Saturday, 19 October 2019

McCown,Tim and Sid and Much More.....

Well another week to review. So let's go!

I'm not embedding a Tweet from anyone ever. Promises made and Promises Kept! LOL

Jonah from Toronto Sports Media sent out a Tweet last night. He stated that Bob McCown met with Corus Entertainment to discuss a new simulcast program.

I challenged him and I should have been a little clearer. I was curious to see if he thought Corus had the money to even have a conversation about acquiring Bob McCown and his services. I don't doubt that a conversation happened. Conversations happen all the time in business to see if there are interested parties/deals etc.

I just want to cite some examples as to why I don't think Corus and McCown will be a match:

1- Salary- Unless Bob brings some advertisers in with some deep pockets Corus will not pay what he wants. If this were to happen McCown would have to make a deal where his base is lower then it ever has been but there is ratings bonuses and advertising dollars that could bring it up if the show does well. Corus recently cleaned house in a lot of their local radio stations. Some DJ'S double shift to get by. Google Meredith Geddes and you will see what I mean.

2-Business- Corus' revenues dropped from last year. Especially in Radio. They are a publicly traded company so if they sign a deal with McCown that is coast to coast it could be risky. You also run the risk of impacting your 5pm and 6pm News programming by doing a Simulcast.

3.Can't all be Sports- For Corus to have a 3 hour simulcast all about sports would be insane. I don't think Bob would have an issue delving into other topics in the world. Especially the real world ones. His work on 9/11 is still talked about to this day. However he is a sports guy at the end of the day. Could that change? Who knows?

I watched/listened to Tim and Sid this week. Day 4 they had audio issues so I gave up. They better get it fixed. OverDrive is still gaining popularity. I like Tim and Sid. I think they do a great job. They may want to renovate a studio where a simulcast wouldn't be an issue.

Eric Bischoff was let go from SmackDown and WWE this week. Bruce Prichard replaced him. Bischoff should be done with Wrestling. He was never good at it. NWO was not his idea. If he didn't have the bankroll he would have never signed Hogan. He let go of Jim Ross and Steve Austin. Two guys that killed WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

Congrats to Rob Fai fro re-launching RobFaiNationRadio on TSN1040 this week. Sounds great. Rob does solid work. Check him out.

November 9th and 10th is the Canadian Baseball History Conference in London Ontario at Museum London. Hit me up and I will send you details. You should go!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Playlists and Podcasts

We all have this problem. We exercise, we walk, we work and we don't know what we want to listen to. If we are driving I think it is the same thing. We don't know what we want to listen to.

Don't sweat. Your pal Brent is here to give you some suggestions.

Let me give you my top 10 playlist.For today.

1. Gimme Shelter-Rolling Stones

2. Kashmir- Led Zeppelin

3. Tom Sawyer-Rush

4. Shoot to Thrill- AC/DC.

5. Running down a dream- Tom Petty

6. Night Moves- Bob Seger

7. The Chain- Fleetwood Mac

8. Down on the corner-Credence Clearwater Revival

9. Who are you?- The Who

10. Self Esteem- The Offspring


Hebsy on Sports- Monday's and Friday's Mark Hebscher throws out some solid takes on his podcast Hebsy on Sports

Around the OHL- Mike Stubbs and Jake Jeffery take you Around the OHL to give you a behind the scenes look at what no one else is talking about

Toronto Mike- Mike has several celebrities in his basement and takes deep dives that are absolutely fascinating to listen to.

AriShapiro.Ca- That says it all!

Last but certainly not least!

The Cardy Show!

Enjoy your day! You are almost over the hump.

Monday, 14 October 2019

My All Time Blue Jays Organization

You can never do this on a podcast. It would take forever.

So may I present my All Time Blue Jays Team


All Time Blue Jays Organization!!

President- Paul Beeston. There have only been 3.. Beeston will be President forever anyways right?

General Manager- Pat Gillick. There was a magic to what he did. He brought over misfit players and made them stars. Terminator , Devo and many more. Anthopolous was very close.

Manager- This may surprise some people. Bobby Cox was pretty damn good. If he put more time in Toronto he could have had a Mike Soscia like run.

Bench Coach- We're getting serious and real here folks! Demarlo Hale. Hale is a solid dude. Really good mentor and coach to the 15/16 teams. Success everywhere he has gone.

Pitching Coach- Mel Queen. The dude rebuilt Roy Halladay. There up in the skies talking about pitching for sure.

Bullpen Coach- Gil Patterson. Only because Pat Hentgen can't be in my rotation and be the Bullpen Coach at the same time.

Hitting Coach- Cito "Fucking" Gaston. That guy could get people to hit. He still could today!

First Base Coach- Leip! Tim Leiper. I like Leip. He's a stand up dude. Remember when he get tossed because Seung Weung Oh's translator Eugene Kim was asked to leave? Or did he got tossed?

Third Base Coach- Brian Butterfield. Butters is the best infield instructor in the game. I don't remember him getting guys thrown out 90% of the time on his sends. Luis Rivera is way too aggressive. I was an aggressive 3rd Base Coach so that is saying something.

Starting Rotation:

1. Roy Halladay- There is no better story then Doc's. Off the field there was no one better as well. The record speaks for itself.

2. Roger Clemens- Steroids or not. The dude was a beast in his two years in Toronto.

3. Jack Morris- See comments above. The 1992 World Series doesn't happen without his contribution.

4. Pat Hentgen- 1996 Cy Young Award Winner. 19-9 in 1993. 20 game winner in 1996. A beast.

5. Dave Stieb- Only No Hitter in team history. A bunch of one hitters. He was the American League's version of a Bulldog. He was vicious too. Just ask Mark Hebscher!


Closer: Tom Henke- Need I say more? Another Gillick gem.

Set up: Duane Ward- Even though he said I couldn't throw worth a damn he was as solid as they came. When Henke needed a night off it was never an issue.

Middle:Danny Cox- Cox was solid. Big imposing Right Hander with a mullet and a sick mustache,

LHP: Tony Castillo. Castillo was versatile. He could get lefties out. He could pick up holds and for a short while in a year that didn't matter he got 14 saves.

RHP:Mark Lowe- A Blue Jay for two months and change. Lowe provided middle inning stability to bridge the gap in the Blue Jays Bullpen in 2015.

Loogy: Brett Cecil- A former 15 game winner! Another 1986'er! Cecil made his money in the pen as a failed starter. He was a guy who thrived in the 7th and 8th inning. As I write this I realize he was terrible against lefties. I just didn't want to put Loup in as my LOOGY.

Long man: Mark Eichorn- Eich almost pitched 200 innings as a reliever. He bailed a lot of starters out. He was my favourite submariner. Take that Loup.

Position Players:

1. Devon White CF- Dude could hit. He could play defence. Another Gillick steal.

2. Roberto Alomar 2B- Switch hitting , could hit over 300. He had power and the best glove I have ever seen. Didn't matter if he played on turf or grass.

3. Edwin Encarnacion DH- Dude can hit. He has power. Ever since he became a primary DH/1B his numbers went through the roof. Google it.! Molitor was close!

4. Carlos Delgado- 1B- One of the best offensive players in Major League History. It is a damn shame he isn't in Cooperstown. He is in St.Mary's though! So that counts right?

5. Shannon Stewart LF- Once described as the catalyst for the Blue Jays offence you could count on Stewart to be near .300 for an average every year. His speed diminished as did his throwing arm over time. However he was quite a good piece for the Minnesota Twins during their playoff years. How could I not mention George Bell!

6. Jose Bautista RF- Bautista is every millennial Blue Jay fans favourite player. They think his number should be retired. He hit 54 home runs and 43 the year after that in 2010 and 2011. He had solid years in 2014 and 2105 as well. The bat flip was a great moment but it doesn't happen without David Price,Tulowitzki,Donaldson etc. Barfield and Carter were close.

7. Josh Donaldson 3B- 2015 AL MVP. The guy who also won the A.L.D.S in 2016. He got hurt in 17 and 18 and had a resurgence in 2019. I've been hard on J.D. However he didn't show up tanked to any public functions. See Kelly Gruber.

8.Tony Fernandez SS- Tony had several stints with the team. However he will always be a Blue Jay. . 297 hitter as a Blue Jay. Gold Glover. Inspirational dude.

9. Pat Borders C- This was tough because there have been some solid Catchers that have come through Toronto. Darrin Fletcher,Mike Matheny, Russell (Clarkson) Martin, Rod Barajas, Benji Molina. Those guys didn;t win a 1992 World Series MVP. They didn't engineer a No Hitter with Dave Stieb either. They don't have two World Series rings!


Bench guys only!!

C- Charlie O'Brien- The man who caught 2 out of the big 3 in Atlanta was awesome when he came to Toronto. One of the first to dawn the goalie type mask.

IF- Domingo Cedeno- Domingo provided quality defence when Alomar/Fernandez and Sprague needed days off.

OF- Ezequel Carrera- Dude was clutch at the plate. He couldn't play defence.

IF/OF- Pat Tabler- Tabby batted 400 with the bases loaded. Pinch Hitting specialist.


Radio: Tom and Jerry- Need I say more!

T.V.- Don Cheverier and Buck Martinez.

Sidelines: Fergie Oliver

That's my organization. Who do you got?

Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Review- N.L.C.S,Leafs,Blue Jays,WWE,AEW

Closing Time la la la la la la let yourself into the world...

Screwed that up? Ah well.

Welcome to The Review. On TheCardyShow.Com

Apparently I have been approved for AdSense. So if or when you see adds do me a solid and click on them would ya? Please? Maybe I'll buy you a coffee for being so nice. Maybe i'll forget my wallet.. Who knows?

I played the MLB.COM 250K Playoff Bracket. I figured the final four teams would come down to:

Yankees vs Astros in the A.L.C.S.- I got that right!

Dodgers vs Braves in the N.L.C.S- Total miss and then some....

I think we all missed the N.L.C.S. maybe some people had the Cardinals but I don't think a lot of folks had the Nationals.

Again I have mentioned this before and will mention it again. Dave Martinez for a guy that was supposed to be let go has done a hell of a job. One of the good guys in the game. That's why you need to be good to people folks.

Mike Shildt had some words for the Atlanta Braves after his team eliminated them in the N.L.D.S. I forgot who took the cell phone footage but folks do yourselves a favour. Unless you are being talked to in a malicious manner or you see something wrong just put the phones away. Private stuff doesn't always need to be put out there.

Maple Leafs got a win in Detroit last night. This team will make the playoffs. Everyone just calm the fuck down. Maybe the need to get a 7 or 8th seed. Enough of getting dusted by the Bruins.

A lot of Mark Shapiro talk again this week. Something I found weird and funny. Barry Davis hosts a Podcast and a drive home show on Sauga960. Mississauga's radio station. He had Jonah from Toronto Sports Media Experts blogging about stuff they don't know about because they don't live in Toronto on his show.

As a guy who covered the Blue Jays beat can Barry Davis not do better then him? Hmmm.

WWE had a terrible week. Hell in the Cell was good until the main event. Raw was sub par. Smack Down apparently had a leak on WWE.COM when it came to their draft order. NXT also got beat in the ratings again.

AEW had a good week. Beating NXT. AEW Dark did solid numbers on You Tube.  Chris Jericho looks solid. A lot of their talent looks good.  Taz is a Mark for AEW. Like I knew he was going to be. He will be a gust commentator this week.

Friday, 11 October 2019

MLB Manager Vacancies

Just like last year.

There are more Managerial vacancies in Major League Baseball. The number seems to have increased though. We know the obvious actual openings. I wanted to take a look at some more possible openings. I don't think people understand Sporting Executives and Managers/Coaches aren't as safe as they used to be.

 I have two very recent examples to cite that statement.

The first happened for the Toronto Raptors. The year prior to last Dwane Casey won the Coach Of The Year in the NBA. He was then relieved of his duties after his team was eliminated by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We know how the story goes. Raptors win the NBA Championship under Nick Nurse with Kawhi Leonard. Casey get's a 4 year deal with the Detroit Pistons.

Most recently, months after winning a World Series Dave Dombrowski was fired from the Defending Champions. Months!!! Not even a year!

So with those examples here are my candidates to be relieved of their duties.

Image result for Brian SNitker

Brian Snitker of the Atlanta Braves:

Snitker has been with Atlanta longer then I have been alive. As I write this his team is getting their asses kicked. Expectations were very high. They added arms like Dallas Keuchel,Shane Greene and Mark Melancon. The later two relievers were added to sure up the bullpen at the deadline. Mike Soroka from Calgary has been a God send for the Braves. Also.. if the Braves want to resign Josh Donaldson maybe bringing someone like John Gibbons in and re-assigning Snitker may do the trick?

Image result for Gabe Kapler

Gabe Kapler of the Philadelphia Phillies:

Huge expectations were not met in Philadelphia this year. They signed Bryce Harper and brought J.T. Realmuto and they finished 81 and 81. For an organization that thought highly of Kapler I have to believe they had bigger expectations. At least some meaningful games in September. If Kapler does get relieved of his duties, that will be the 5th Manger Bryce has played for in 8 seasons.

Image result for Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers:

Roberts made some lemonade out of some lemons this year. He has done a great job with this club. They had 106 wins. Pitching has been very good. Their farm system is solid. However after back to back failed World Series years they may get eliminated as I write this tonight in the NLDS. If they don't just forget I brought him up. If they do, the Dodgers may look for someone like a Joe Maddon to bring a World Series to Dodger Stadium.

Image result for terry francona

Terry Francona of the Cleveland Indians:

There have been rumours of the Cleveland club wanting to rebuild. Even though they haven't won a World Series since 1948. They traded Trevor Bauer and they may trade Corey Kluber by the deadline in 2020. If they are going to tear it down I don't think Francona is going to want to sit through it. He maybe headed for a TV job or retirement if that is the case.

Image result for scott servais

Scott Servais of the Seattle Mariners:

Seattle started some of their tear down last year. Servais has taken it like a champ. This organization has been such a shit show you feel for the guy. Not even the great coffee in Seattle could make up for it. Seattle like Cleveland may want to bring fresh faces in.. Set up a new culture and new expectations.

Anything can now happen in baseball. Or any sport. No one is safe.

Brent Cardy

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

A Theory About Bryce Harper

This may be a short and to the point post. If that is the case you are welcome!

Image result for nationals logo

I have a theory about the success of the Washington Nationals. Earlier this year people were calling for the head of Manager Dave Martinez.The Washington fan base is one of the weirdest fan bases for most of their sports. Most recently Jay Gruden just got fired from the NFL team (Not mentioning the team name) after losing to the New England Patriots. Jerk move? I'd say

The tittle of this article is about Bryce Harper?

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Yes so stay with me...

Harper entered MLB in late April of 2012. The Manager at the time was the legendary Davey Johnson. The team finished with a record of 98-64.  They lost in the NLDS 3-2 to the St.Louis Cardinals. Harper finished his rookie year with 22 Homers 59 RBI's and a 270 AVG. He was 19 at the time.

Johnson left after the 2013 season. The team went 86-76. You think Harper had something to do with that?

Then Matt Williams took over. The former Third Basemen for the Giants. That guy!

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He won Manager of the year in 2014! They went 96-66 and lost in the NLDS!

The year after the Nats go 83-79. Williams gets fired and loses the clubhouse. Interesting....

Then the Nats hire the great Dusty Baker. Guess what they do in 2016? They take the East! In 2017 they take the East again!!

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Both times losing in the NLDS. Baker wasn't brought back for the 2018 season.

The manager count for Bryce Harper is now at 3.

In 2018 the previously Dave Martinez came over from the Chicago Cubs and Joe Maddon to take a shot at being the Manager for the Nationals.

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The Nats go 82-80 and this is why people were upset with Martinez. They don't like losing in Washington.

Something happens though...

Harper signs a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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They have talent there. Arrieta,Nola,Pivetta,Franco. They have a great analytics department and everyone was very high on their Manager Gabe Kapler.

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Well something interesting happened. No one had the Nats making the playoffs in Spring Training. If you did I will call you a liar. To your face!

At the end of May the Nats were 24-33. Hence why people were mad. I wonder why...

The Phillies were 33-24 at the end of May. Interesting.

Nats turned it around. The pitching was solid. They received contributions from everyone. Soto,Kendrick,Rendon and Zimmerman.

The Phillies were average... They finished 500. Why?

I think it's a character issue. Gabe Kapler maybe fired this off-season.

If so that will be Bryce Harper's 5th Manager.

As good as Harper is. He is 5 tools. What about the 6th tool? Character guy?

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Credit: Images-Google/Wikipedia
Statistics: Baseball Reference.