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A Theory About Bryce Harper

This may be a short and to the point post. If that is the case you are welcome!

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I have a theory about the success of the Washington Nationals. Earlier this year people were calling for the head of Manager Dave Martinez.The Washington fan base is one of the weirdest fan bases for most of their sports. Most recently Jay Gruden just got fired from the NFL team (Not mentioning the team name) after losing to the New England Patriots. Jerk move? I'd say

The tittle of this article is about Bryce Harper?

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Yes so stay with me...

Harper entered MLB in late April of 2012. The Manager at the time was the legendary Davey Johnson. The team finished with a record of 98-64.  They lost in the NLDS 3-2 to the St.Louis Cardinals. Harper finished his rookie year with 22 Homers 59 RBI's and a 270 AVG. He was 19 at the time.

Johnson left after the 2013 season. The team went 86-76. You think Harper had something to do with that?

Then Matt Williams took over. The former Third Basemen for the Giants. That guy!

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He won Manager of the year in 2014! They went 96-66 and lost in the NLDS!

The year after the Nats go 83-79. Williams gets fired and loses the clubhouse. Interesting....

Then the Nats hire the great Dusty Baker. Guess what they do in 2016? They take the East! In 2017 they take the East again!!

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Both times losing in the NLDS. Baker wasn't brought back for the 2018 season.

The manager count for Bryce Harper is now at 3.

In 2018 the previously Dave Martinez came over from the Chicago Cubs and Joe Maddon to take a shot at being the Manager for the Nationals.

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The Nats go 82-80 and this is why people were upset with Martinez. They don't like losing in Washington.

Something happens though...

Harper signs a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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They have talent there. Arrieta,Nola,Pivetta,Franco. They have a great analytics department and everyone was very high on their Manager Gabe Kapler.

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Well something interesting happened. No one had the Nats making the playoffs in Spring Training. If you did I will call you a liar. To your face!

At the end of May the Nats were 24-33. Hence why people were mad. I wonder why...

The Phillies were 33-24 at the end of May. Interesting.

Nats turned it around. The pitching was solid. They received contributions from everyone. Soto,Kendrick,Rendon and Zimmerman.

The Phillies were average... They finished 500. Why?

I think it's a character issue. Gabe Kapler maybe fired this off-season.

If so that will be Bryce Harper's 5th Manager.

As good as Harper is. He is 5 tools. What about the 6th tool? Character guy?

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Credit: Images-Google/Wikipedia
Statistics: Baseball Reference.

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