Thursday, 24 October 2019

Dale Hunter- Hall of Famer? Why not?

This is a long shot, pie in the sky article.

In my grossly uneducated opinion, Dale Hunter not being in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is becoming a big issue, almost a bigger then the time they didn't have Pat Burns in.

Between the boards and behind the bench Hunter has been exceptional. As a player he played over twenty NHL seasons and had over 1000 points. Many playoff seasons as well.

If you look on and you look up Hunter's statistics you would see a stat called Adjusted Point Shares. I have no idea what that is or what that measures.


The names in that chart: Ron Ellis, George Armstrong, Ulf Dhalen,Murray Craven.

Pretty solid group to be in....

I have a question for all of you Pucks out there.

How does Eric Lindros who had 865 NHL points get into Hall but Hunter is left out?

How does that work?

Are you projecting if Lindros was healthy he would have had more points?

What needs to happen to get Dale in as a player?

Maybe we need to look at his body of work as a Head Coach and an Owner.

Dale and his brother Mark took over the London Knight's in 2000. For those of you who aren't in the area or who didn't know where London was located, the organization was in dire shape. It was worse then an expansion team. The arena was a shit hole with leaks and backups on the southbound part of Wellington Road past the 401. That's the honest truth.

Dale and Mark worked with Comcast and Ellis Don to move into the John Labatt Centre. Went from a few thousand seat arena to a 9000 seat facility for hockey. There is not a bad seat in that building.

After that happened people came out and the Hunter brother's came rich. The organization vaulted to the top of the CHL. 2005 they won the Memorial Cup.

As per The Hockey News:

The #1 Major Juniour Hockey that has produced the most NHL Players in the post lockout area (2005-2006) Is the London Knights.

Why do we think that was?

The arena is a fantastic atmosphere. Packed house The organization the Hunter Brothers built was also solid.

Dale left for a bit to get the Washington Capitals into the playoffs.

He came back and the Knights earned another Memorial Cup in 2015.

Dale has 777 wins and counting at the moment in 18/19 seasons. The comparable coach is Brian Kilrea. Kilrea over 40 seasons wound up with 2000 plus wins as a coach. If Hunter keeps going he will either match or beat that mark.

Hunter is also a builder with his brother Mark as I stated above. How does the Hall induction committee miss this?

Does Hunter care? Does he want the attention? 

Time will tell. Until he address it to me it is still the biggest issue come induction time for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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