Saturday, 19 October 2019

McCown,Tim and Sid and Much More.....

Well another week to review. So let's go!

I'm not embedding a Tweet from anyone ever. Promises made and Promises Kept! LOL

Jonah from Toronto Sports Media sent out a Tweet last night. He stated that Bob McCown met with Corus Entertainment to discuss a new simulcast program.

I challenged him and I should have been a little clearer. I was curious to see if he thought Corus had the money to even have a conversation about acquiring Bob McCown and his services. I don't doubt that a conversation happened. Conversations happen all the time in business to see if there are interested parties/deals etc.

I just want to cite some examples as to why I don't think Corus and McCown will be a match:

1- Salary- Unless Bob brings some advertisers in with some deep pockets Corus will not pay what he wants. If this were to happen McCown would have to make a deal where his base is lower then it ever has been but there is ratings bonuses and advertising dollars that could bring it up if the show does well. Corus recently cleaned house in a lot of their local radio stations. Some DJ'S double shift to get by. Google Meredith Geddes and you will see what I mean.

2-Business- Corus' revenues dropped from last year. Especially in Radio. They are a publicly traded company so if they sign a deal with McCown that is coast to coast it could be risky. You also run the risk of impacting your 5pm and 6pm News programming by doing a Simulcast.

3.Can't all be Sports- For Corus to have a 3 hour simulcast all about sports would be insane. I don't think Bob would have an issue delving into other topics in the world. Especially the real world ones. His work on 9/11 is still talked about to this day. However he is a sports guy at the end of the day. Could that change? Who knows?

I watched/listened to Tim and Sid this week. Day 4 they had audio issues so I gave up. They better get it fixed. OverDrive is still gaining popularity. I like Tim and Sid. I think they do a great job. They may want to renovate a studio where a simulcast wouldn't be an issue.

Eric Bischoff was let go from SmackDown and WWE this week. Bruce Prichard replaced him. Bischoff should be done with Wrestling. He was never good at it. NWO was not his idea. If he didn't have the bankroll he would have never signed Hogan. He let go of Jim Ross and Steve Austin. Two guys that killed WCW in the Monday Night Wars.

Congrats to Rob Fai fro re-launching RobFaiNationRadio on TSN1040 this week. Sounds great. Rob does solid work. Check him out.

November 9th and 10th is the Canadian Baseball History Conference in London Ontario at Museum London. Hit me up and I will send you details. You should go!

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