Friday, 11 October 2019

MLB Manager Vacancies

Just like last year.

There are more Managerial vacancies in Major League Baseball. The number seems to have increased though. We know the obvious actual openings. I wanted to take a look at some more possible openings. I don't think people understand Sporting Executives and Managers/Coaches aren't as safe as they used to be.

 I have two very recent examples to cite that statement.

The first happened for the Toronto Raptors. The year prior to last Dwane Casey won the Coach Of The Year in the NBA. He was then relieved of his duties after his team was eliminated by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

We know how the story goes. Raptors win the NBA Championship under Nick Nurse with Kawhi Leonard. Casey get's a 4 year deal with the Detroit Pistons.

Most recently, months after winning a World Series Dave Dombrowski was fired from the Defending Champions. Months!!! Not even a year!

So with those examples here are my candidates to be relieved of their duties.

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Brian Snitker of the Atlanta Braves:

Snitker has been with Atlanta longer then I have been alive. As I write this his team is getting their asses kicked. Expectations were very high. They added arms like Dallas Keuchel,Shane Greene and Mark Melancon. The later two relievers were added to sure up the bullpen at the deadline. Mike Soroka from Calgary has been a God send for the Braves. Also.. if the Braves want to resign Josh Donaldson maybe bringing someone like John Gibbons in and re-assigning Snitker may do the trick?

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Gabe Kapler of the Philadelphia Phillies:

Huge expectations were not met in Philadelphia this year. They signed Bryce Harper and brought J.T. Realmuto and they finished 81 and 81. For an organization that thought highly of Kapler I have to believe they had bigger expectations. At least some meaningful games in September. If Kapler does get relieved of his duties, that will be the 5th Manger Bryce has played for in 8 seasons.

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Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers:

Roberts made some lemonade out of some lemons this year. He has done a great job with this club. They had 106 wins. Pitching has been very good. Their farm system is solid. However after back to back failed World Series years they may get eliminated as I write this tonight in the NLDS. If they don't just forget I brought him up. If they do, the Dodgers may look for someone like a Joe Maddon to bring a World Series to Dodger Stadium.

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Terry Francona of the Cleveland Indians:

There have been rumours of the Cleveland club wanting to rebuild. Even though they haven't won a World Series since 1948. They traded Trevor Bauer and they may trade Corey Kluber by the deadline in 2020. If they are going to tear it down I don't think Francona is going to want to sit through it. He maybe headed for a TV job or retirement if that is the case.

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Scott Servais of the Seattle Mariners:

Seattle started some of their tear down last year. Servais has taken it like a champ. This organization has been such a shit show you feel for the guy. Not even the great coffee in Seattle could make up for it. Seattle like Cleveland may want to bring fresh faces in.. Set up a new culture and new expectations.

Anything can now happen in baseball. Or any sport. No one is safe.

Brent Cardy

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