Monday, 14 October 2019

My All Time Blue Jays Organization

You can never do this on a podcast. It would take forever.

So may I present my All Time Blue Jays Team


All Time Blue Jays Organization!!

President- Paul Beeston. There have only been 3.. Beeston will be President forever anyways right?

General Manager- Pat Gillick. There was a magic to what he did. He brought over misfit players and made them stars. Terminator , Devo and many more. Anthopolous was very close.

Manager- This may surprise some people. Bobby Cox was pretty damn good. If he put more time in Toronto he could have had a Mike Soscia like run.

Bench Coach- We're getting serious and real here folks! Demarlo Hale. Hale is a solid dude. Really good mentor and coach to the 15/16 teams. Success everywhere he has gone.

Pitching Coach- Mel Queen. The dude rebuilt Roy Halladay. There up in the skies talking about pitching for sure.

Bullpen Coach- Gil Patterson. Only because Pat Hentgen can't be in my rotation and be the Bullpen Coach at the same time.

Hitting Coach- Cito "Fucking" Gaston. That guy could get people to hit. He still could today!

First Base Coach- Leip! Tim Leiper. I like Leip. He's a stand up dude. Remember when he get tossed because Seung Weung Oh's translator Eugene Kim was asked to leave? Or did he got tossed?

Third Base Coach- Brian Butterfield. Butters is the best infield instructor in the game. I don't remember him getting guys thrown out 90% of the time on his sends. Luis Rivera is way too aggressive. I was an aggressive 3rd Base Coach so that is saying something.

Starting Rotation:

1. Roy Halladay- There is no better story then Doc's. Off the field there was no one better as well. The record speaks for itself.

2. Roger Clemens- Steroids or not. The dude was a beast in his two years in Toronto.

3. Jack Morris- See comments above. The 1992 World Series doesn't happen without his contribution.

4. Pat Hentgen- 1996 Cy Young Award Winner. 19-9 in 1993. 20 game winner in 1996. A beast.

5. Dave Stieb- Only No Hitter in team history. A bunch of one hitters. He was the American League's version of a Bulldog. He was vicious too. Just ask Mark Hebscher!


Closer: Tom Henke- Need I say more? Another Gillick gem.

Set up: Duane Ward- Even though he said I couldn't throw worth a damn he was as solid as they came. When Henke needed a night off it was never an issue.

Middle:Danny Cox- Cox was solid. Big imposing Right Hander with a mullet and a sick mustache,

LHP: Tony Castillo. Castillo was versatile. He could get lefties out. He could pick up holds and for a short while in a year that didn't matter he got 14 saves.

RHP:Mark Lowe- A Blue Jay for two months and change. Lowe provided middle inning stability to bridge the gap in the Blue Jays Bullpen in 2015.

Loogy: Brett Cecil- A former 15 game winner! Another 1986'er! Cecil made his money in the pen as a failed starter. He was a guy who thrived in the 7th and 8th inning. As I write this I realize he was terrible against lefties. I just didn't want to put Loup in as my LOOGY.

Long man: Mark Eichorn- Eich almost pitched 200 innings as a reliever. He bailed a lot of starters out. He was my favourite submariner. Take that Loup.

Position Players:

1. Devon White CF- Dude could hit. He could play defence. Another Gillick steal.

2. Roberto Alomar 2B- Switch hitting , could hit over 300. He had power and the best glove I have ever seen. Didn't matter if he played on turf or grass.

3. Edwin Encarnacion DH- Dude can hit. He has power. Ever since he became a primary DH/1B his numbers went through the roof. Google it.! Molitor was close!

4. Carlos Delgado- 1B- One of the best offensive players in Major League History. It is a damn shame he isn't in Cooperstown. He is in St.Mary's though! So that counts right?

5. Shannon Stewart LF- Once described as the catalyst for the Blue Jays offence you could count on Stewart to be near .300 for an average every year. His speed diminished as did his throwing arm over time. However he was quite a good piece for the Minnesota Twins during their playoff years. How could I not mention George Bell!

6. Jose Bautista RF- Bautista is every millennial Blue Jay fans favourite player. They think his number should be retired. He hit 54 home runs and 43 the year after that in 2010 and 2011. He had solid years in 2014 and 2105 as well. The bat flip was a great moment but it doesn't happen without David Price,Tulowitzki,Donaldson etc. Barfield and Carter were close.

7. Josh Donaldson 3B- 2015 AL MVP. The guy who also won the A.L.D.S in 2016. He got hurt in 17 and 18 and had a resurgence in 2019. I've been hard on J.D. However he didn't show up tanked to any public functions. See Kelly Gruber.

8.Tony Fernandez SS- Tony had several stints with the team. However he will always be a Blue Jay. . 297 hitter as a Blue Jay. Gold Glover. Inspirational dude.

9. Pat Borders C- This was tough because there have been some solid Catchers that have come through Toronto. Darrin Fletcher,Mike Matheny, Russell (Clarkson) Martin, Rod Barajas, Benji Molina. Those guys didn;t win a 1992 World Series MVP. They didn't engineer a No Hitter with Dave Stieb either. They don't have two World Series rings!


Bench guys only!!

C- Charlie O'Brien- The man who caught 2 out of the big 3 in Atlanta was awesome when he came to Toronto. One of the first to dawn the goalie type mask.

IF- Domingo Cedeno- Domingo provided quality defence when Alomar/Fernandez and Sprague needed days off.

OF- Ezequel Carrera- Dude was clutch at the plate. He couldn't play defence.

IF/OF- Pat Tabler- Tabby batted 400 with the bases loaded. Pinch Hitting specialist.


Radio: Tom and Jerry- Need I say more!

T.V.- Don Cheverier and Buck Martinez.

Sidelines: Fergie Oliver

That's my organization. Who do you got?

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