Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Problems in the WWE.

Look I don't want to be that guy that goes to WWE events to chant AEW! It's getting close though. There have been issues with WWE programming for a long time now. Talent not being used. Talent being over looked. Story lines that start and end randomly. Superstars that look like they just don't want to be there. However, they are getting paid very well and money talks.

I get paid in my real people job to problem solve. I find solutions to problems to keep things going. So let's take a crack at solving some WWE issues. Instead of just bitching about them.

First  we need to look at what is on the line for Vince McMahon and team. Monday Night RAW is on NBC Universal and as it stands it is currently the B Show. SmackDown is currently on Friday Night's on Fox. There is a boat load of money on the line for the WWE. I imagine there are ratings minimums that need to be met.

1- Spread out the larger Superstars:

Why do Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman all need to be on the same show? I know Vince believes larger athletes equal bigger ratings but God Damn Pal! That is not always the case. I'd let Strowman talk more. Heyman is great but if he is running RAW should he be on SmackDown? Roman needs a promo coach and after that he should be able to do unscripted promo's. You need to let these guys show who they are. That's what connected fans and talent in the  "Attitude Era" People could relate to Steve Austin. People thought The Rock was cool. The bikers loved the Undertaker because they were relate-able.

You can't relate to a machine and that is what Brock is. Unless you are under 12, I respect the hell out of Roman Reigns but I can't relate to him. There needs to be a  PG Roman Reigns for it to work on FOX. Unless you are 7 feet tall and over 300 pounds how do you relate to a guy like Strowman? Unless you change his gimmick. A beer drinking country boy who likes to fight? Seems generic but  it's relate-able.

2- Put the " Lesser Talent" in PPV Main Events.

Crown Jewel will be the 1st time the WWE Championship will Main Event a Pay Per View. Why is that? Well Brock Lesnar will defend it against Cain Velazquez. Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan are a lot smaller then those two talents.

If you were smart you would have at least alternated Main Events since all Pay Per Views are dual branded. I know the Women have closed the show off many times as well and I am down with that. However the lesser male talents who aren't making 7 figures should have their chance as well. Guys like Cesaro,Nakamura,Styles,Owens should be in the Main Event's. That is how you connect them with your audience so you don't be so reliant on your larger talent.

3- Cut the creative down

Apparently there are way too many cooks in the kitchen. Vince,Bruce,Heyman,Hayes,Hunter all of those guys should be on the creative side of things.Everyone else needs to get lost and take a hike. Honestly!

4- 2 Person Commentary

3 person commentary in any sport is a cluster fuck. No bones about it. Especially in Sports Entertainment. If you want Dio Maddon on RAW let him go. Let him work by himself with Vic Joseph.

5- Make it Sports Entertainment again!

Professional Wrestling is Sports Entertainment. It is a physical soap opera. It's not about Wins and Losses it is about great story lines. Telling a story through your talent on the microphone and in the ring. Unfortunately it is not a sport where you can track wins and losses as much as AEW wants to do that. The WWE needs to let their talent entertain. 

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