Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Review- N.L.C.S,Leafs,Blue Jays,WWE,AEW

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I played the MLB.COM 250K Playoff Bracket. I figured the final four teams would come down to:

Yankees vs Astros in the A.L.C.S.- I got that right!

Dodgers vs Braves in the N.L.C.S- Total miss and then some....

I think we all missed the N.L.C.S. maybe some people had the Cardinals but I don't think a lot of folks had the Nationals.

Again I have mentioned this before and will mention it again. Dave Martinez for a guy that was supposed to be let go has done a hell of a job. One of the good guys in the game. That's why you need to be good to people folks.

Mike Shildt had some words for the Atlanta Braves after his team eliminated them in the N.L.D.S. I forgot who took the cell phone footage but folks do yourselves a favour. Unless you are being talked to in a malicious manner or you see something wrong just put the phones away. Private stuff doesn't always need to be put out there.

Maple Leafs got a win in Detroit last night. This team will make the playoffs. Everyone just calm the fuck down. Maybe the need to get a 7 or 8th seed. Enough of getting dusted by the Bruins.

A lot of Mark Shapiro talk again this week. Something I found weird and funny. Barry Davis hosts a Podcast and a drive home show on Sauga960. Mississauga's radio station. He had Jonah from Toronto Sports Media Experts blogging about stuff they don't know about because they don't live in Toronto on his show.

As a guy who covered the Blue Jays beat can Barry Davis not do better then him? Hmmm.

WWE had a terrible week. Hell in the Cell was good until the main event. Raw was sub par. Smack Down apparently had a leak on WWE.COM when it came to their draft order. NXT also got beat in the ratings again.

AEW had a good week. Beating NXT. AEW Dark did solid numbers on You Tube.  Chris Jericho looks solid. A lot of their talent looks good.  Taz is a Mark for AEW. Like I knew he was going to be. He will be a gust commentator this week.

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