Friday, 4 October 2019

The Review

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On most of my Podcasts on The Cardy Show I end them with a segment called The Review. I bring it in with Closing Time by Semi Sonic . I usually have one of my two Co-Hosts join me and we discuss the week that was in the world of sports.

Well on the typed printed form of The Cardy Show I will look to do this weekly. Stuff we can't get to in the podcast if it's going. So here goes nothing.

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I had the opportunity this past Sunday to drive through the dog shit terrible Toronto traffic and go see the final Toronto Blue Jays game at the Rogers Centre against the Tampa Bay Rays with my guys. A few things happened.

It was cold in the 500 level. We were right behind home plate. I would honestly say that was the best view in the stadium I have ever had. We could see everything foul line to foul line which was awesome. Washrooms were there and the Tim's was on that level to keep my hands and lungs warm.

A ton of articles came out about the piss poor attendance over the season for the club. To sum it up for you they blame the state of the stadium and the team's win loss record to this decline. These people making these assumptions must not have watched the club between 1994 and July 31st of 2015.

That's okay. Let me help you. This year was the lowest in attendance since 2010. Economics played a huge issue. A lot of people that year were feeling the effects of the shit show of 2008. People weren't prioritizing going to games. That was an 85-77 team. Hmmm.

Most years this team did well over two million and some years they were shy of it. The records were not horrendous.

My point is , the pricing for this year was bad. They tried to charge contending team prices and fees for a 97 loss team. There were more people in the 500 sections this Sunday then they were in the 100 level. They charge $40.00 for parking. It's insanity.

100 outfield level tickets prior 2015 was $26.00 during the week and $3.006 on weekends. We are well north of that now.

200 outfield was $22-26 now is $48.00

The fees! $7.00 on each ticket!

Housing market prices are just as high as the top of the CN Tower. People don't prioritize going to a baseball game to watch a 97 loss team.

Get my drift?

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WWE launched new programming this week. RAW got a new set that looked similar to the Wrestle Mania set this past April. NXT is tonight as I write this and Smack Down guest starring The Rock is on Fox this week.

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AEW has officially launched and will be on TSN going forward. WWE, what about NXT live here in Canada? Hello? Hunter?

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I think it will be great. Everyone will benefit. Conrad Thompson is a mark for AEW! Tell me I am wrong. See the above image. He is a mark!

Johnny Tavares is the new Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. That's how it should be. He's an adult!

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Eliminated from the NFL pick em. How do the Buccaneers go and score 55 points against the Rams at home?

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Lord love me!

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Special congrats to the very first guest of The Cardy Show. Jesse Goldberg-Strassler has won M.I.L.B. Broadcaster of the year. You should listen to his interview with me recently. He was fantastic.

On to the next one


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