Sunday, 27 October 2019

UAW Strike,World Series, Raptors,Maple Leafs,Blue Jays

Do yourself a favour right now. If you are an immature child like me you need to listen to Crime In Sports. It's a podcasts that hilariously takes deep dives in crimes that athletes have committed.

Now onto some serious matters:

UAW Strike ends:

If you have followed me on Twitter over the past 5 weeks you know that I have been an unruly asshole to the United Auto Workers Union. They have now ratified their agreement and they will take their entitled attitudes back to work. These people think they are important to society. Like they are Doctor's or a First Responder.

A lot of people want to know why I was so angry and pissed off about their strike with General Motors.

These guys prior to when they stepped on the picket line were making an average of $29.00 US an hour. To my understanding that included profit sharing and benefits.

The people that supplied the plants and transported their product don't get the same respect. They aren't unionized. They aren't making those wages. These people need their wages to support their families and get food on the table and get the roof over their heads.

For some reason a lot of people didn't know this was coming. As I said on Twitter General Motors and their Union deserve each other.

The UAW shut down or impacted the following due to this strike:

Ryder Logistics in Novi Michigan

Nexteer Automotive in Saginaw Michigan

Presstran Industries in St.Thomas Ontario

Formet Industries in St.Thomas Ontario

Bend All Automotive near Guelph Ontario

Linimar in Guelph

G.M. Oshawa Ontario

G.M. St.Catherine's Ontario

G.M. Mexico Truck

And so much more!

You don't hear Honda or Toyota workers crying about hard times. UAW and GM fucked a lot of people this time. It's a shame humans can't learn from their mistakes of 11 years ago. See recession of 2008!

World Series:

Jeff Luhnow is also a piece of shit. I'm glad Brandon what's his nuts got fired. However if you are the Astros you need to admit you fucked up! What is so hard about that?

I hope the Nats win so Davey Martinez can flip off those people who wanted him fired earlier this year.


Game 1 and 2 are out of the way. Congrats to the Champs! They will still make the playoffs. You can be 20 games under in the East and make the playoffs. 44-38 I predict for the Dino's. Siakim is the man. Every Raptors game that Sportsnet has should be on the main network because:


Maple Leafs:

Everyone relax they are fine!

Blue Jays:

Nikki Huffman left the team to hang out with Marcus Stroman and his "Squad" Good for her.

Marcus needs to stop Tweeting and actually do something of value on the mound. He is so 2015! Just saying!

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