Sunday, 17 November 2019

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It's time to review the week

7 days ago David Glassford and I had the opportunity to attend the 4th Annual Canadian Centre for Baseball Research, History Conference. This years edition was held at the beautiful Museum London at King and Ridout in downtown London.

When I attended my 1st conference I thought I knew baseball. These people that attended and presented just blew me away. It was unreal.This years event was no exception. A huge thank you to Andrew North and his wife Eliana for throwing this together.They outdid themselves.

(Please click the highlighted links to support some great people!)

It was great to see and finally met Doug Fox from Future Blue Jays. Doug made the trek to London along with many others (Some from Cleveland and Florida!) Doug as mentioned on my Podcast is working on a project about Pentanguishine native Phil Marchildon. He continues to produce great content at . With the announcement of the reduction of some Minor League cities and teams his work just became a lot more interesting.

Great to also see Kevin Glew. Kevin continues to kick ass and take names with his regular Sunday post at his website If you aren't subscribing then I ask you this question. Why the hell not?

Great to see Scott Crawford who took us on a tour of the renovated Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in St.Marys. As well Dave and I had a nice chat with Dr.Stephanie Radu from the Beachville District Museum. Also great to meet Chip Martin as well.

Andrew North does a great job of summarizing the events. Please click this link and I hope you can attend next year. Trust me!

Good to see Brent Lale from CTV. This reminds me:

St.Thomas Sports Spectacular 2020

Unfortunately, I may not be able to attend one of my favourite events in January. However, I hope you folks can. $75.00 gets you the following:

- Meet and Greet/Photos/Autographs with Head Table Celebrity's
- Silent Auction
- Free Parking

Huge list of awesome people attending.

All goes to a great cause. Special Olympics and Community Living Elgin.

Go to. for more!


I said my piece about this whole fiasco in my previous post. I didn't want to promote that because people are so vicious. It's unfair. We have one side to the left that is extreme and one side to the right that is extreme.

Be nice to Ron MacLean. This isn't on him. People keep talking about his thumbs up. The eyes told a different story.

Sportsnet continues to screw this NHL deal up. It's the way they handle things. Shame on them for making the news on Remembrance Day.

Maple Leafs

Until they want to start playing hockey on both sides of the puck. I am not talking about them. Shanahan needs to fix this. This is on him.


They grinded a 5 game west coast road trip. Went 3 and 2. Without Serge Ibaka and Kyle Lowry. They could have been 4-1. I like the heart and the fight of this team. They can win 50 I think. Pascal ran out of gas last night. It happens

Blue Jays

Tough loss this week for the Jays. Ben Cherington is now the General Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cherington looked after the Minor League system for the club. A solid MLB Executive. Pittsburgh is in good hands.

No announcement on the announce teams for the Television side. Have Buck and Pat been extended?

Don't expect a ton of Free Agent or Trade talk until mid January. I have no expectations anyways.

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