Friday, 15 November 2019

Don Cherry receives the Wrath of Grapes.

A long time ago, 22 years and 2 days ago.

Vince McMahon sits down with Jim Ross on Monday Night Raw. The night before at Survivor Series at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Vince McMahon worked a plan out to take the WWF Championship off of an outgoing Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

Bret signed a contract to go to rival WCW and had creative control in his contract at the time with WWF. He didn't want to drop the championship to Shawn Michaels in Montreal. He wanted to relinquish it in Ottawa the next night. Bret wanted to go out on his terms and his sword. So McMahon and team executed the plan.

Jim Ross asked McMahon "Did you screw Bret Hart?" To which Vince replied "Bret screwed Bret!"

Now I don't expect Sportsnet President Bart Yabsley to speak anymore on what has taken place with Don Cherry. He certainly won't go on one of the greatest heel runs in history because he isn't a wrestler and wants people to like him.

I wonder, has Don screwed Don?

Folks, I am going to be all over the place here. Bare with me.

The stuff Don has said over the years is cringe worthy. Grapes was always getting himself into trouble years before he joined Hockey Night in Canada.

Bottom line, he is his own worst enemy.

I just want to before I keep going just state some absolutes.

- Absolutely,  we should be encouraging people to donate to Veterans and Legions and wear Poppies.

- Absolutely, we should continue to educate people on the Poppy program and why we do it in Canada.

- Absolutely,we should not demean anyone for not wearing a poppy. It is their choice and you don't if they bought one or two or three and they fell off.

- Absolutely what Don Cherry said this past Saturday night was wrong.

- Absolutely people need to realize and understand there a bigger issues then poppies when it comes to Veterans Affairs. I am going to dig in on that more on a later time and date. However I will leave you with this.

- Absolutely, Veterans are for the most part grossly underpaid. When they come back our government doesn't do a good job looking after them in my opinion.

Cherry through interviews last night and today admits he should have said "everybody" instead of "You people who come here."

Joe Warmington is a an issue here. He seems to have Cherry's ear. He was the guy who riled Cherry up then he blames Ron MacLean for apologizing on Home Town Hockey.

MacLean didn't bury Cherry. I didn't see him saying this is all on Don. He used we.

Ron is a good dude. He isn't perfect who is. Leave him alone.

Sportsnet made the right call. I'm disappointed that the used Remembrance Day to do it. Shame on them.

Shame on Don for saying what he said. Shame on Joe Warmington for being on every Television and Radio program across Canada on November 11th.

Bottom line.

Don Cherry received his Wrath. He did this to himself folks!

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