Monday, 4 November 2019

Get off of your moral political high horse.

Quick to the point review:

I recorded 45 minutes (on Friday)of greatness with Milon Talsania. Milon runs an awesome business called Fast Time Watch and Jewelry Repair. 12 locations across Ontario.  4 in the Southwestern Ontario region for more.

Unfortunately Podomatic cannot find the audio in their database or my library so I can't deliver that to you.

Lesson learned. Thanks Podomatic. Do not worry Milon and The Cardy Show aren't done. He will be back.

Thanks to the @LdnontRetweets account on Twitter. Due to your help this blog has beat my expectations. Thanks to Coach Ryan Shaw for his continued support as well.

City News put something out this week about another NHL team in Toronto. I wonder where they got that idea from.

My next post is going to be unreal. I'm working on it and I'm curious to see what you think. Read it before you shit on it lol

Toronto Blue Jays went out and got Chase Anderson today. Good move. Anderson career wise is 53-40 with a 3.94 ERA

Marcus Stroman. Your favourite Blue Jay. 51-47 with a 3.76 ERA

Time will tell how Anderson's stuff plays out in the AL East.

One of my all time favourite guys, Devon Travis has been optioned. I wish Devon nothing but the best and thank him for the time he spent talking with us. A great dude.

Raptors are okay. The moment they figure out how to keep Siakim in the game watch out!

Leafs beat the Flyers.. In an 11 round shootout.. Oh boy!

The Canadian Centre for Baseball Research has a history conference here in London. You should go. Click the link for more.

So now to my point.

I don't care where or what your political affiliation is. I am in the middle. I don't like Andrew Scheer or Trump or Vic Fedeli. For those of you who don't know Fedeli, he is the head of the Ontario PC Party. He is in Doug Ford's ear. You have seen me on Twitter refer to Vic as a Communist. That is his job to prove me wrong.

So... I see people who I follow and respect on Twitter look down their nose at people Kurt Suzuki and John Tory.

So my question is this.... I get you don't like extremely right side conservatism.

I can respect that.

However what have the other parties done for you?

You people that demanded we vote Liberal, what has the party done for you?

Have they invited you to their banquets and fundraisers?

Do they e-mail you their platforms? Wish you Happy Birthday?

If you see shitty politics and shitty practices you need to call it both ways. This whole lead poisoning fiasco is just as much on the Liberals as it is on The Conservatives.

These parties don't care about you or me. That is reality ladies and gentlemen.

So stop looking down your nose at people who try and work with these parties. They are doing it for your ungrateful asses.

The other part is these parties all of them, they wants us all to fight with each other. It's what they want. You are better then that.....

Maybe I'm wrong?

That's enough

Until next time


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