Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Sports Radio in London Ontario.

I've had my opinions on this topic for while. Unless you are logged into a computer or have unlimited data on your cell phone plan, major sports coverage in the London area doesn't meet the hardcore sports fans standard.

I'll cite a few examples:

1290 CJBK in London has Toronto Maple Leafs coverage. You cannot hear the game clearly 20 minutes away on the outskirts of St.Thomas in your car.

None of the London stations have Toronto Raptors coverage. They are the NBA Champions.

The Detroit coverage is hit and miss as well. We are in the dead centre of Toronto and Detroit.

We lose the FAN 590 signal in Woodstock. I have no clue how far TSN 1050 goes. I know Hamilton has TSN 1150 so I imagine their signals do not go far.

AM 980 here in London has the rights for the London Knights OHL club. The only time I hear about local sports is between  1 pm and 3 pm and during the intermissions of Knights games. When do you hear about them if you listen to AM 980?

On the television side:

CTV London only shows certain sports highlights and the good folks at Rogers TV they do their best but they don't always have the money to cover everything they want to do.

Something has to change. So I have a few suggestions.Some maybe out there and some may be logical.

Rogers and Bell both have Radio stations here in London. Bell has a station called Funny 1410. They run syndicated comedy shows. Bell could rename it TSN 1410 to cover South Western Ontario sports. Why not? Hamilton has TSN 1150. They have a CFL team and an OHL team plus McMaster Sports.

London has the Knights. The Majors of the InterCounty League. The Lightning of the National Basketball League . Soccer is huge in London. Plus the Western Mustangs.

You sprinkle in some Toronto Sports and the regular syndicated stuff you get on TSN 1050 in Toronto and you should be able to have a full functioning sports station.

The signal would have to strengthen for sure.

TSN has stations in three Ontario markets. So why wouldn't Rogers get in on an untapped sports radio market in London?

Rogers could air 590 programs here. There could be a local morning show and maybe a local afternoon show? The rest you could fill in with Toronto programming. You can work with other stations to air  the local sports if you want to air the major stuff here.

The two news stations in town can continue to air news and some local sports. A lot of people have to remember it's not just London that benefits.

It's the surrounding area.

Maybe the College station or CBC Radio can jump in on this?


Maybe I can do something?

Yeah.. Me. Let me continue to work on that idea. Until then...

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