Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The Analytic People get their guy....

The following blog entry may be graphic. Inappropriate and offensive.

Mike Babcock got fired today.

All of the Hockey nerds  blew massive amounts of semen on their laptops and Mac Books as they received word of Babcock's dismissal.

Loads have been blown ladies and gentlemen.

Their boy Sheldon Keefe has taken over as Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

A lot of people have compared today's date to what happened 12 months ago. The St.Louis Blues fired Mike Yeo in favour of Craig Berube.

Unfortunately you have to look beyond the numbers.

You have to watch a St.Louis Blues game to understand they play as a team. They have a solid goal tending situation. They play on both sides of the puck.

As great as Freddy Andersen is, he isn't a cyborg. This team needs a backup goaltender to share the weight.

Speed and skill are great. You have no one to push the other team back.

Maybe Dubas and now Keefe have a plan? Maybe they can execute it...

I mean we did the same thing with Brian Burke. We thought he was the next saviour. Look how that went?

We looked at Babcock's work in Anaheim and Detroit and thought this team was going to be just fine.

Dubas and Shanahan put their chips on the table today. Not sure why they didn't do it in this past off season.

Rogers is pissing out money by the second.... This has to work out.

Mr.Dubas.... You are on the clock.

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