Wednesday, 4 December 2019

I'll show you a work in progress!

I have heard that the Toronto Maple Leafs are a "Work in progress" twice in the past few weeks. That statement came from General Manager Kyle Dubas after he terminated Mike Babcock as the Head Coach.

Most recently Sheldon Keefe his replacement echoed those same sentiments after last nights bed shitting performance against the Philadelphia Flyers.

So tell me something.

This team after signing Marner to a long term deal was supposed to be a Stanley Cup contender. This was the year. You now have turfed Babcock. Rightfully so because apparently his ideology as a coach is outdated and unacceptable.

Now this team under Sheldon Keefe is 4-2. That Colorado game could have went either way. As could of the back end of the home and home against Buffalo. Regardless they are still 4-2.

Last night really concerns me. Statements have been coming out that the team is putting in a better effort under Keefe. What your analytical numbers may not tell you is that there seems to be an issue of character among players in that dressing room.  How is this team still a work in progress?

You have had 2 piss poor performances in a matter of days, where this team has quit and hung their goalie out to dry.

There is a lot of hockey to play. This team still needs a back up goaltender. What happens if Freddie Andersen runs out of gas or gets injured? What do your CORSI or whatever the analytics, are say the Leafs should do on your laptop? MacBook? I-PAD? Google?

How do your analytics solve their character issues? Or the fact that the Kyle Dubas has maxed out the salary cap?

Before you people on Twitter say I am not a fan and I just want to be right about Dubas. Hold your horses and zip up your pie holes.

Half of you weren't even thought of during the 1993 playoffs against Wayne Gretzky and the Los Angeles Kings. That series hurt. Or the 1994 Western Conference Finals against Kirk McLean and the Vancouver Canucks.

Some of you may remember losing to the Carolina Hurricanes during the Eastern Conference Finals. That one hurt too.

So before you say I am not a fan because I think Mark Hunter would have done a better job. I want this team to win as badly as you do. There should not be "Work in progress" chatter in 2019 when the rebuild started 4 years ago.

Here's to hoping some good hockey starts tonight.

Go Leafs


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