Wednesday, 4 December 2019

MLB Free Agency- A history for Toronto Blue Jays Fans.

I don't hate Twitter...

I'm not a big fan of the people who use it.

Is it because they are to optimistic? Maybe.

A lot of Toronto Blue Jay fans on Twitter want this organization to sign players in free agency. Particularly starting pitchers. Especially now since they have money to spend in theory.

Historically speaking. This organization since Rogers has taken over has not signed a #1 starting pitcher in free agency . The only guy that has come close is A.J. Burnett. They brought back J.A. Happ but he wasn't a top 3 pitcher at the time.

The prior Ownership group signed 3 top pitchers in ten years.

1- Jack Morris in 1991

2- Dave Stewart in 1992

3- Roger Clemens in 1996.

With the position players the club has made out better:

1-Paul Molitor

2- Frank Catalanatto

3- Dave Winfield

4- Russell "Clarkson" Martin

5- Jose Canseco (Stop it!)

You have to also remember. There have been a ton of reclamation projects. Jose Bautista only hit 16 jacks as a career high before he came over from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Devon White was a cast away by the California Angels before Pat Gillick acquired him. Josh Donaldson had the potential to be great before he came over to the Blue Jays. That's where he became an MVP. Edwin Encarnacion was released by the Jays before he became the monster that he is.

That's baseball folks. That's a terrible Canadian Dollar. These players get paid in American funds. It's hard.

Yes you have to throw more dough around to get people here. This team wins with good smart trades. Is Ross Atkins the guy to pull those off?  Not sure yet. I am sure Rogers along with Jays fans will make that verdict sooner then later.

So relax folks. Stop having expactations. Let thins thing play out.

As Joe Siddall says " Enjoy the offseason"


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