Monday, 2 December 2019

This weird feeling of content.....

What I am reading:

The leader without a title by Robin Sharma:

A book about stepping up your game. At work. In life. In your relationships. Without a title. Without the ... stuff that comes with it. I'm really enjoying the book. I read 10 pages everyday. I don't have the attention span to do more.

What I am watching:

To be honest not much. I don't have a ton of time for television.I'm digging Magnum P.I., the new one. I like it because they made the program their own. Higgins as a woman? It's worked out. She is a total babe by the way.  Rick and T.C. doing their thing. Katsumoto is the star of that show. 

What I am listening to:

Crime In Sports- Two comedians talking about athletes committing crimes. It's similar to Something to Wrestle. Check that out.

Hebsy on Sports- Hebsy and Toronto Mike talk sports twice a week. They do a great job.

Don Cherry's Grapevine- It's old school hockey stories... I dig.

Things that surprise me:

The NFL season. It's been interesting. The Bills and the Steelers have been a good surprise. I'd be shocked if John Elway isn't fired next year. 

How rough watching Wrestling has been. I think the fans and social media have also ruined it for me.

The NHL coaching drama that has recently come out. It's been insane.

Things I look forward to besides the obvious:

Checking out the Skydome Hotel

Seeing people I never get the chance to see or I haven;t made time for to see.


WrestleMania season...maybe?

More Podcasts.- December is my favourite month for those.

My wife gave me this cool bracelet. It's awesome. I seem to not look for the perfect days. I accept and enjoy those perfect moments. Those are the ones I never forget. I look forward to more perfect moments.

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